Jack & Tony


I was unhappy with my life. I was a mixture of angry, frustrated, disappointed, confused, in a word ugly. Everything about me and my life felt ugly. I simply did not know what to do, where to start to turn things around.


Perhaps you can relate… It’s way past midnight and you’re watching TV and see that infomercial for that exercise program or maybe like me you see an ad in the paper and you see a person who has these before and after pictures (your first thought is Photoshop…) but shrug off your doubts (for once) and you say to yourself “if that guy can do it I can do it too!”


I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life starting with my health and fitness. It was March 17th 2003 that my 10-week total body transformation program began. It was brutal at first. I was sore every day. I was tracking everything I ate. I was meticulously writing down the amount of resistance and number of repetitions for each exercise.


However, I emerged 10 weeks later in the best shape of my life. This was no small feat as I had been in NCAA division 1 scholarship athlete in my teens and early twenties. But here I was at 34 years of age shredded, 7% body fat, full of energy and stronger than ever. 


After transforming my body, I met someone who showed me that deep change comes from transforming your mind. Thus, began a wonderful journey of learning, growth, development, disappointment, failure, joy, and discovery unlike any other I had ever experienced before my life. 


What I discovered and continue to discover every day is my true nature and what brings me joy. which is working with other people to help them realize their full potential. The incredible thing is that this is done through the power of our mind and harnessing the power of decision. From there it is simply about applying the universal principles of success that will work for anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


Whether you're looking to lose that last 15 pounds, to finishing a book or project. Maybe you want have better, deeper, richer personal relationships. Wanting to excel at work? To start a business? I can work with you to achieve your goals. You can wake up every day excited, refreshed, living on purpose, and living your best life possible. So, as The Black-Eyed Peas said “Let's Get It Started Up in Here!”