What are munching on?

What's on your Mental plate?

Unless you live under a rock.


Were one of those weird home-schooled kids.

You have seen the Capital One credit card commercials.

No, Not the mileage one's with Jennifer Garner.

I'm talking about the "What's in your wallet" one's.

They feature the baddest MF'er to ever say MF'er, Samuel L. Jackson.

Except today, I want to know what's on your plate.

Your mental plate (said in my best Samuel L. Jackson voice).

What do I mean?

I mean what are you feeding your brain?

What TV show's are you watching?

What books are you reading?

Here's a partial list of the books that are

on my desk in front of me right now.

  • "Let Every Breath... Secrets of The Russian Breath Masters" by Vladimir Vasiliev
  • "Education Automation" by R. Buckmister Fuller
  • "Mastery" by George Leonard
  • "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson
  • "The 4-Hour Body" by Tim Ferris
  • "The Human Use of Human Beings" by Dr. Norbert Weiner
  • "Story Driven" by Bernadette Jiwa
  • "The Structure of Magic" by Richard Bandler and John Grinder
  • "Psychological Nudity" by Michael Savage


  • "The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of The Universe" by Glenn Clark

As I said. This is only a partial list.


What are you reading, listening, watching? Is it good stuff?

Or is junk food. You know that there is junk food for your mind right?

If we are physically what we eat.

Then it stands to reason that we are mentally what our mind consumes.

I've got loads of book suggestions for your mental plate. They are yours for the asking.